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Audio Recording and Editing Services

Audio Recording, Audio Editing and Enhancing, Audio Archival & Storage

Audio Editing Engineers in our Recording Studio


We offer a one-stop service – in our fully-equipped in-house recording studio. We have audio editing engineers who can not only help you record your programme at the highest quality, but also edit it, compile it and add finishing touches to it.


Our studio uses advanced tools that help in noise reduction, effects, compression, and expansion to generate clean audio that is suitable for broadcast standards.

We have helped clients record and edit audiobooks, podcasts, music videos, Zoom recordings, multi track production, voiceover, translation and recording duets in partnership with overseas singers online. 

We have helped transfer audiotapes and microcassettes to WAV and MP3 format for both archival and for production. We have worked with universities and schools in boosting the audio quality of some of their precious old lectures which they now use on their online platforms to educate students.

Whether you want to clean up your audio recordings or record a song or make some changes in your audio, call our hotline.

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