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Events Space

Need a Convenient Location for Seminars, Meetings and Hybrid Events?

In The Heart Of The City 

We're happy to support your Events - be it physical, virtual or hybrid. With a flexible setup, we can cater to a broad range of events. 

- For Dance Classes : 15 people
- For Yoga Classes: 10 people
- For Meetings, Meditation Sessions, Conference and other Events: 35 people. 

If needed, we can livestream your event professionally across all major social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram and to your website. Of course, there's no upper limit on the number of attendees for a virtual event. 


Hybrid Meetings &
Events Space

Allowing virtual and face-to-face meetings/events to happen at the same time seamlessly.

Embracing Digital Networking and Face-to-Face options, you can give your participants the choice of attending in person, virtually online or hybrid format (combine physical + online).

Speak to Physical and Virtual Participants Simultaneously. Livestream your Event across Social Media Platforms. 

meeting space for 40 people with projector 5000 lumens 1.png

Venue For Products & Services
Introduction, Demo & Launch

auditorium style chairs.png

Venue For Training Workshops & Seminars

The Perfect Location for Hosting Training Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

Open Mic Night - Speak to Your Local Audience and Broadcast Your Performance to International Viewers.

You focus on the Training. We'll handle the Technical Equipment

Host Your Yoga Classes & Dance workshops In our centrally located studio 5 minutes from TST MTR.


We can accommodate upto 10 Yoga students and 15 Dance Participants

yoga studio.png

Meeting Room

Conveniently Organize Your Workshops & Seminars and Business & Personal Meetings - with face-to-face and virtual participants - in the heart of TST.

We have 1 Gigabit Broadband Connectivity in

our studio. Plus a 100-inch projection screen and 5500 lumens bright projector with wireless networking. And multiple 4K Television & Monitors & 7.1 Surround Sound System.

Summer Outfit

Pop-up Store, Bazaars

​A Convenient Location to Launch or Demonstrate a Product or Service. Open Till Late.

You can host a fashion, garments sale and we can help you livestream the event online to attract more buyers.


Meditation Classes and Mindfulness Sessions

Up to 20 participants can be comfortably seated on chairs for meditation practice in the studio.  

Venue for Singing Bowl, Sound Therapy and Reiki, Pranic Healing Classes Meditation Sessions.

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