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Digitize CDs, Cassettes, Micro-cassettes, Mini-cassettes, Dictation Tapes, for Archival Purposes and to Back Up Your Precious Recordings 

Our Audio Tape Transfer service allows conversion of Cassettes, CDs, Mini Cassettes and Micro Cassettes to digital formats including MP3, WAV and AAC for audio archival. This allows you to store your audio recordings on a USB, Hard Disk, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Cloud Servers.


After digitization, you have the ability to edit your recordings, share them via social media, and post them on audio sharing platforms including Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Clubhouse, Radio Shows and many more.


Are Videotapes Occupying too Much Space in Your Apartment?

Is your wedding video saved on a videotape?

In HK's humid weather, media decays over time and is prone to fungus. They become UNPLAYABLE over

Don't worry - We Can Help.

We help you upscale and digitize your precious memories for long-term storage on a USB, Cloud server, and over social media. You can edit the footage yourself and share with friends and family.

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