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Venue for Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are meetings where some participants join remotely while the rest of the participants are gathered together in a meeting room

Hybrid Meeting Experience:
No Sacrifice on Engagement and Convenience

Our Hybrid Meeting setup allows face-to-face and virtual attendees to attend meetings simultaneously.

With excellent audiovisual equipment, physical participants can not only see and hear virtual audiences but also interact and communicate with them to keep the attendees engaged.


Virtual speakers also get a fantastic view of the room, as if they're physically present.


Our in-house technicians provide assistance in setting up the equipment and technical support throughout the process. 


In July 2021, we hosted a Hybrid Meeting as part of Heartchat's Community Get Together to connect Wellness Professionals.


Combining in-person and virtual participants, attendees were able to network, interact with each other and even join a hybrid Laughter Yoga Session!

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