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Our Clients

And Their Passion Projects

Check our Past Projects. From Music Video Production to Livestreaming Charity Events

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Lal Daryanani,
My Own Music Video Before 80

"I've had a dream since I was a child - to go out in a park and sing my heart out like my favourite singers. Dilip Kumar, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar.


HK Recording Studio's in-house video producers and editors made this dream a reality. From the storyboarding process to recording my voice and videos, all the way to producing the video just in time for my 80th birthday.


I can't wait to produce more music videos soon!"

Minal M. Bharwaney,
My Book & Audiobook

"The studio has helped me accomplish my dream of becoming a published author by letting me record my first book of many. I am so grateful I am able to record with ease. In-house technicians are very accommodating and flexible. It has helped me to work towards my goals of my own company of 8 years, The Reiki Healing Sanctuary."

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Kannada Sangha HK,
Charity and Lockdown Laughs

Kannada Sangha HK is a registered charity in Hong Kong that is helping educate underprivileged children on a large scale in India. In December 2020, PV studios (originally Inspire2Aspire consulting) teamed up with Kannada Sangha to livestream a Lockdown Laughs show featuring Indushree Raveendra, India's first female ventriloquist, and hilarious comedian Anuvab Pal!

We The Solution,
Virtual Fundraiser to Raise Money for Womens' Education

"ZoomBarabar was a virtual fundraiser organized by We The Solution Event with an aim of supporting education of girls. The Professional Videotapes team helped in the planning stages to promote the event including creating an introductory video and the broadcasting of the event from their state-of-the-art studio in TST, across multiple channels simultaneously including Youtube and Facebook. The event was viewed and appreciated by global audiences."

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Here's what a Passion Project Looks like

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