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Livestreaming Seminars and Webinars

No Upper Limit on the Number of People Attending Your Event

A Variety of Events can be Livestreamed

Has social distancing limited the number of people attending events you've organized?

Expand your Outreach by Livestreaming your Seminars and Webinars at our Studio!


We've help you with virtual fundraisers, training sessions, hybrid meetings, panel head discussions and much more. 

We'll help you livestream any event for participants face-to-face and virtually via Zoom.

Previous Livestreams:
Reaching out to Local and Global Audiences


Over 5,000 Viewers Across Social Media Platforms

Last year, we worked with Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs for an event about #EmbracingMotherhood without boundaries. The Topic was "from Menstruation, Maternity to Menopause".


Across social media platforms, we broadcasted the forum to over 5,000 viewers on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Virtual Fundraisers at HK Recording Studio

We The Solution

Virtual Fundraiser to Raise Money for Womens' Education

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"ZoomBarabar was a virtual fundraiser organized by We The Solution Event with an aim of supporting education of girls. The Professional Videotapes team helped in the planning stages to promote the event including creating an introductory video and the broadcasting of the event from their state-of-the-art studio in TST, across multiple channels simultaneously including Youtune and Facebook. The event was viewed and appreciated by global audiences."

Kannada Sangha HK

Charity and Lockdown Laughs

Kannada Sangha HK is a registered charity in Hong Kong that is helping educate underprivileged children on a large scale in India.


In December 2020, PV studios (originally Inspire2Aspire consulting) teamed up with Kannada Sangha to livestream a Lockdown Laughs show featuring Indushree Raveendra, India's first female ventriloquist, and hilarious comedian Anuvab Pal!

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