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DVCAM to Uncompressed AVI Format convert

Are there VHS tapes or Mini DVs lying around the house?


The clock is ticking.


Before the tapes degrade, seize the opportunity to digitize your memories!

At HK Recording Studio, we offer Video Transfer Services – from VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, HDV and DVCAM to a Disc, USB, Email or your Cloud Server. 

DVCAM to Uncompressed AVI Format convert

Even when VHS tapes are not played, quality and durability decreases as the years go on. Unfortunately, the same is true for many formats. 


Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday celebration or simply to create more space around the house, HK Recording Studio helps you preserve your old memories forever!

We help you convert memories trapped on old media formats and digitize them to store on a USB, Cloud Server, Disc, DVD, Email, Social Media and even Whatsapp.

Your child's first steps. Your graduation ceremony. That time you climbed Mount Everest.

Make Your Old Memories...New Again.

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